Coming Home

A Guide to Teaching Christian Meditation to Children

This revised and updated edition contains new articles by Laurence Freeman on the challenge of attention today and its relationship to spirituality; and by Ernie Christie on the need to ‘stop’ for progress to happen. It also provides new templates and guidelines for teachers.  

Where modern-day culture leaves children over dependent on external stimuli, restless and confused, this book shows how meditation can help children find balance and a sense of their own personal wholeness. In Laurence Freeman’s words, by teaching meditation, we teach children the art of attention in order to cope with the fantastic force of distraction.  

Based on the professional experience of the Catholic Education Office of the Diocese of Townsville, Australia, Coming Home: A Guide to Teaching Christian Meditation to Children  presents the results of an extended pilot project in a school system. Ernie Christie’s practical and detailed guidelines for introducing meditation to children in the classroom and in daily life will inspire and encourage anyone serious about helping children to grow to their full potential.

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ISBN: 978-981-09-9914-8

Specifications: 297x210mm, 104pp

Publisher: Medio Media


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