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Contemplation and Community

by Jessica M. Smith and Stuart Higginbotham (Eds.) (Book)

Contemplative Leadership

by Peter Ng Kok Song (Book)

Conversations with Leaders who Meditate

by Lee Kuan Yew, Ray Dalio and Ng Kok Song (Book)

Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis

by Sarah Bachelard (Book)

Forty Days of Silence

by Jane Hole (Book)

Frankie The Still Fox

by Ernie Christie & Mary Hosking (Book)

From Brokenness to Wholeness

by Jean Vanier (Audio CD)

From Panic to Peace

by Patricia Ng, Laurence Freeman and Peter Ng (DVD (NTSC))

Giving Up Without Giving Up

by Jim Green (Book)

Images of Meditation

by Liz Watson (Audio CD)

Is There A Way Through?

by Laurence Freeman and Thomas Keating (Audio CD)