Journeying through Distraction . . . . . . the Joy of Coming Home

A Lectio Divina for Christian Meditation

The collection of soliloquies and reflections on Scripture passages presented in this book are not the result of intellectual reasoning. They situate the context in which key attitudes that characterise contemplative prayer are shown to be biblically founded. Each soliloquy and reflection is prefaced with a quote that relates to a key aspect of the teaching of Christian meditation as taught by John Main OSB. Collectively, they form a mosaic illustrating the meaning and purpose of contemplative prayer.

The book is an ideal companion for times of meditation, either as preparation for the meditation or for reflection after the meditation.


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“In this deeply refreshing and spiritually alive book the author explores the living Word of familiar scripture passages with a freshness, clarity and sense of wonder arising from a mature contemplative approach formed by his daily practice of meditation.” – Laurence Freeman, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation


“The book is the fruit of contemplative prayer…, and leads to contemplative prayer in which words become obstacles, because our deepest desires in prayer are best expressed in wordless communion.” – Msgr Alex Rebello


“A profound journey through the Bible, full of insight into the deeper meanings of stories we may be familiar with in both the Old and New Testaments. The meditative style - written in poetic form - is a perfect way into Lectio Divina, a contemplative reading of Scripture.” – Stefan Reynolds, author of Living with the Mind of Christ: Mindfulness in Christian Spirituality

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