Tears Come on the Way Home

This collection of poems tells the story of an inner journey, through moments of euphoric joy, devastating memories, and quiet reflection, to a place of peace. Sharing authentically from a deeply personal place, Sini awakens in us the faith that when we feel the most alone, actually we are most gently held.

The collection is a fruit of Sini’s experience of contemplative living at Bonnevaux: Centre for Peace, and a powerful testimony of meditation as a way to personal wholeness.

Laurence Freeman, Director of Bonnevaux writes in the Foreword:

When I read her poem-sequence based on her time here I felt powerfully moved. The poems’ intense clarity and fusion of mind and heart produce a unique poetic voice at once intimate and vastly detached.

These poems can feelingly release and feed those who sit with them, reading them slowly and repetitively and listening to their close-distant voice.


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ISBN: 978-981-18-6832-0

Specifications: 210x140mm, 82pp

Publisher: Medio Media


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