Learning To Meditate

In meditation we are all beginners. — John Main

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30 Questions and Answers about Christian Meditation

The Path of Contemplative Prayer

by Paul T Harris

A Simple Way

The Path of Christian Meditation

by Laurence Freeman

Door to Silence

John Main: Collected Talks VII

by John Main

Door To Silence

An anthology for Christian meditation

by John Main

Forty Days of Silence

Insights of Contemplative Writers

by Jane Hole

Fully Alive

by John Main

Good Work

Meditation for Personal & Organisational Transformation

by Laurence Freeman

In The Beginning

John Main: Collected Talks VIII

by John Main

In the Stillness of Time

Talks for Prisoners

by Allison and Geoff Waterhouse and Michael Bow

John Main: Collected Talks

Volumes I - VIII

by John Main